A NEW group guitar and piano class specifically offered to home school students. Join other home school students for lessons, learning the basics and beyond of guitar and piano playing in an energetic group environment, culminating in a group performance at the end of the session. This class is offered for Beginner (7-12) and Advanced (13-17) students.

This program has been specifically designed to address the unique needs of home school families, and features age-appropriate group classes in guitar and piano to students ages 7 to 18. 

If there is a need for preschool classes to be offered in conjunction with these other classes, we are prepared to implement our Little Rockers Class for ages 3 to 7. 

BR+MusicStudios recognizes that many home-school families are also single-income households. As such we’ve designed our program to be financially accessible for families of all sizes and backgrounds.


Beginner: 7 to 12 years old
Advanced: 13 to 17 years old

contact us for details!

Individual student: $25/class for 16 week session
Contact us about special multiple enrollment rates.


These prices are for home-school students only, and are not transferable to other non home-school students or families.

Missed classes cannot be made up or credited to another service or future session.

Private lessons will incur an additional cost associated with the one-on-one student-teacher ratio associated with private lessons. Tuition for 30-minute private lessons at BRMS are $37.50, but BRMS offers a special rate of $32 per half hour for home school students. Private lessons are to be scheduled through the front desk, and can be scheduled at any time before or during the semester.

Home school students who enroll in private lessons are welcome to join our Young Band Nation™ band program. YBN™ incur an additional cost of $24.72 per week for our members, but BRMS offers a special rate of $12 per week for home school students. In order to receive this discount, the student MUST also be enrolled in private lessons. It is also important to note that 100% of our YBN™ rehearsals are held after 4pm. If home school students want to form a band, we can offer rehearsals in the early afternoon, but if an individual is seeking the YBN™ experience, that individually will most likely be required to attend in the evening. 

Students and parents alike are to respect one another. BRMS does not tolerate bullying, disrespectful language or behavior, gossip, or any kind of negative behavior by any student or client of any age. BRMS expects families to participate in meaningful, empowering and positive ways, and to add to the join of learning and performing music. 

Students are not required, but encouraged, to attend our end-of-session performances to perform alongside our many other students. This year’s end- of- session performance will be held at BR+MusicStudios on Saturday, December 14th. 

BRMS offers a fun learning experience with qualified instructors who are trained to meet every student where they are in order to bring them forward. This may mean that more skilled or mature students may at times be issued individual or small group work will the instructor can attend to less skilled students. 


Baseline required materials from students:

  • Guitar [if electric guitar, a small amp, (if possible) and cable]  

  • Picks

  • Tuner/tuner app

  • Folder

  • Pencil

Extra materials for students (if they wish to get these as well on their own):

  • Metronome/metronome app

  • Strap

  • Guitar case

  • Capo