Join our Popular Music Keyboard Ensemble where students will have the opportunity to play their favorite contemporary songs with like-minded pianists!

Join our brand new Popular Music Keyboard ensemble and perform the latest hot music from current bands, solo artists, and movies!


Students will play music from some of the most popular bands and movies of the last few decades arranged for groups of 4-8 keyboard players. From Bruno Mars to Metallica, Jurassic Park to Star Wars, our ensemble program will cover all the hits.

Playing in an ensemble with other musicians is something many piano players never get to do.  The Popular Music Keyboard Ensemble is a great way to:

  • Increase interest and motivation (students get to play music they love and strive to know their parts well so they don’t let the group down).

  • Play music that is much more musically complex and rewarding than most of the solo repertoire students in private lessons are used to.

  • Meet other students, learn from each other and how to work well with others.

  • Explore new playing styles and sounds other than the piano.

  • Improve rhythm, sense of pulse and ability to listen (all skills that are needed in order to sync up with the group).

7 and up (younger by assessment)


Tuition for the ensemble is $200.