The RockLab program is for students who might not have time to make weekly rehearsals OR for students who want to sample what it would be like to be in a band before committing to our Young Band program.

In this program, students are enrolled in private lessons, and in addition to their standard lesson plan material, they learn the same songs as other RockLab students.

Twice a semester, all RockLab students meet for a couple of rehearsals to bring the songs together, then play a real rock show accompanying our Young Bands!

11-17 years old (younger by assessment)


First Day of Lessons: January 2, 2019
Spring Jam: May 11, 2019
Last Day of Lessons: May 21, 2019


  • $632.50 for payment in full. Or 5 installments of $140/month - $700/ session (5 months).
    Add a group jam class or YBN for $89 month.

  • A total of (18) 30-minute private lessons.

  • 2 band rehearsals - a minimum of 2 performance opportunities.