The Young Band Nation™ (YBN) Program is a development program designed to be accessible to intermediate and advanced level students as they continue to hone their skills in private music lessons.

Here is where our students put their knowledge and skills to the test, and where they learn lessons they could never learn in private music lessons alone.

Students experience working as a team which can bring about many social challenges and successes, and they learn that being a musician in a band requires a much broader skill set than just being a good at an instrument or having a good voice. Signing up for this program involves a higher level of commitment than other programs.

We also implement projects where students learn about music business concepts, and working with professional audio.

These bands will have several show opportunities throughout each session, whether it be in the Blue Verse Room inside of our studio or a restaurant or venue here in town.

Most students involved in YBN™ program for a session or two usually take the next step by auditioning for our Advanced Industry Training Program!

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11-17 (younger by assessment)

First Day of Lessons: August 5
Spring Jam: December 14
Last Day of Lessons: December 20


  • $700 for payment in full or 5 installments of $140/month for 5 months.

  • A total of 18 1-hour lessons.

  • A minimum of 4 performance opportunities.

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